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Commichef Cookware

Traditional cast iron casseroles and oven dishes are stylish items, but are heavy and easily chipped if dropped. The cast Aluminium range solves these problems, while still retaining the attractive styling of the traditional cookware and improving cooking times. The conductivity of aluminium is 13 times better than that of stainless steel, meaning you get faster and more even heat diffusion for quicker and better results. In addition the Whitford non stick lining means they are super easy to clean, and also reduces the amount of oil needed for cooking making it easy to cook healthy dishes. Die-cast aluminium with 3 layer enamel finish and non stick coating from the professional commichef range. Lightweight in design and available in 3 different colours black, red and orange. Suitable for solid plate, radiant ring, ceramic, halogen, gas and induction.

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