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Delivery Bags & Insulated Storage

Our range of pizza and takeaway delivery bags are ideal for delivery of food from your restaurant or shop to your customers. The Kangabox insulated storage boxes range has excellent insulation properties in a range from ice-cold -40 degrees to boiling hot +120 degrees. This has also been confirmed by measurements: the temperature of a frozen cake increases over three hours from -8 degrees to just -6 degrees. This is an average temperature loss of less than 1 degree an hour.

A new addition is the Cater Bag heated delivery bags, Cater Bags are a quality, thermal food delivery system designed to keep food piping hot from your restaurants oven to your customers door. A compatible adapter is included, allowing you to charge from within your car. Temperatures are also easily maintained at 85°C, on the move, with the use of ISO Thermo technology. The ability to charge these in your car means that food will always be piping hot when you deliver to your customer.