Working in association with Kennet Equipment Leasing, Roland Allen can now offer a quick and simple method of financing your new catering equipment.

Kennet Equipment Leasing Limited has been providing businesses with equipment finance for over 27 years.  With access to over 25 banks and funders, along with reserves of £60 Million of their own money, their aim is to support UK businesses to get the kit they need.

The benefits of leasing your catering equipment from Roland Allen are as follows:


  • You’ll pay regular monthly payments that won’t change throughout the term – allowing you to budget effectively from Day 1
  • No need to find a hefty deposit to have the equipment you need almost immediately*
  • Choose a lease term that suits your business
  • Take delivery and the equipment can be earning you income even before your next payment
  • Tax advantages – all leasing payments made are tax deductible**
  • Keep cash in your bank, avoid overdrafts and loans
  • Have the best equipment for your business, not the cheapest
  • Security is levied on equipment, not property – giving you peace of mind

Why choose Kennet Equipment Leasing?


  • We provide a seamless service, from you commissioning your equipment to delivery and installation
  • We offer electronic signature and fast finance turnaround*, giving you the minimum of delay
  • We have financed over £500M worth of equipment for all types of businesses already
  • We’d like to think we are friendly, efficient and helpful (and a lot of our customers say we are too!)
  • Whatever business type you are – however long you’ve been trading – give us a call
  • We are proud to work with Roland Allen to make sure their customers have the equipment they need.


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